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How to download presets

1. After purchasing stay on the order confirmation page, wait 1-2 minutes and the download option will appear. If not, open your email app, and click on the Download Link from the email we sent you.
2. Tap on the Download Button & choose to open in the internet browser
3. Tap the blue arrow to view downloads on your safari browser
4. Click the downloaded file
5. Save image to your device
6. Now head to your lightroom app and upload the DNG photo, (it will appear as a blank gray image in your camera roll. Do not be alarmed this is normal).

7. Tap the image of the preset you purchased and now tap on top right icon "...", and then choose "Create Preset". Now you can copy and paste this preset to edit your photos.

  •  If you are new to light room this is another method. Click the “…” icon in the top right-hand corner of the edited photo, click "copy settings" then go to the picture you are trying to edit then click "paste settings".

That's it! You're done!

Still don't get it? Try Youtube for a tutorial or reach out to our customer service, please take the time to read the directions carefully, understanding lightroom can be time-consuming if you are new! :)